About us

We combine experience and tradition with modern polish design.

Ceramika Tułowice, a brand of traditional porcelain and ceramics, has been present on the Polish and foreign markets since 1991.  

We offers a wide range of high-quality decorated porcelain tableware and ornamented dinner and coffee sets. "Tradition in good style" – the brand's motto – appeals to the best examples of Polish design, from classic ornaments to modern porcelain.  

Products under the Ceramika Tułowice brand are manufactured in a historical location, combining experience and tradition with modern Polish design. We are proud to manufacture our products in a place with an impressive historical background.  

The history of ceramics manufactured in Tułowice goes back 200 years.

For over three decades we have been adding new chapters to this story ourselves.

Our new porcelain lines are mainly based on two shapes of tableware: round and square, and several brand-new pieces addressed to middle-aged and younger customers. We work in our own design studio and co-operate with remarkable designers, but we also often draw from the long tradition of vintage ornamentation. Polish design had enjoyed wide recognition for several decades and we return to these golden years with pride.

Our designers and employees use their best efforts to ensure that our products are not only beautiful but also practical and handy.

We hope that our ceramics sets designed at Ceramika Tułowice will be your choice not only for grand celebrations but also for day-to-day occasions, such as your morning coffee.

Grzegorz Grata, president of the board

We consistently aim at satisfying the needs of all our customers. In this issue we present several main product lines manufactured by Ceramika Tułowice. Our traditional line, represented by our “flagship” coffee set and our table set with a classical golden pattern, is inspired by historic designs of porcelain from Tułowice.

We are also marketing a new line of NBC porcelain. Our new decorative packaging makes this tableware set a fantastic gift idea for various occasions.

This year Ceramika Tułowice has received the prize OPOLSKA MARKA 2018 for porcelain with the motif of the Opole pattern and for the new line of porcelain in a category of best product.


sklep@ceramikatulowice.pl, phone: +48 533 346 040